Ibadan Journal of the Social Sciences
Volume 14, No. 2, 2016
DOI: 10.36108/ijss/6102.41.0280

Influence of Depression and the Moderating Effect of Self Esteem on Risky Sexual Behaviour among University of Ibadan Students

Adenrele, T.A. and Olley, B.O.

Department of Psychology, University of Ibadan, Nigeria


This study examined the influence of depression and the moderating effect of self esteem on Risky Sexual Behaviour among the University of Ibadan students. Two hundred and twenty-five students comprising of 88 males (39.1%), and 137 females (60.9%) drawn from the University of Ibadan with their age ranging from 16 to 31, with mean score of 19. 68years ± 2.862, were recruited for the study. Partial correlation and multiple regression analysis were carried out to identify the moderating and mediating effect of self esteem on the relationship between depression and risky sexual behaviour respectively. It was established that the quality of relationship between depression and risky sexual behaviour drops significantly when self esteem is controlled [r (223) t = .191, P < .01}, indicating that self-esteem moderates the influence of depression on risky sexual behaviour. Multiple Regression analysis showed that depression and self esteem have significant joint influence on risky sexual behaviour [F (2, 222) t = 7.442, p< 0.05} and that only depression made significant independent contribution to the prediction of risky sexual behaviour (B = 0.207, t = 2.895, p<0.05). T-test of independence shows that participants with low self esteem significantly reported high risky sexual behaviour [t (223) = .2.109, p<0.05}. Likewise, students with severe depression significantly score higher on risky sexual behaviour [t (223) = -.2046, p<0.05}. It was concluded that depression and self esteem are important in explaining Risky Sexual Behaviour among students. It therefore emphasizes the consistent screening of mental health of students as part of student help programme in the University.
Keywords: Risky sexual behaviour, depression, self esteem


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