Ibadan Journal of the Social Sciences
Volume 15, No. 2, 2017
DOI: 10.36108/ijss/7102.51.0220

Pattern of Linkages in Oluyole Industrial Estate., Ibadan, Nigeria

Dickson ‘Dare Ajayi and Barbara Osaigbovomwan Eguagie

Department of Geography, University of Ibadan, Nigeria


The pattern of linkages among 24 existing manufacturing firms in Oluyole Industrial Estate, Ibadan based on international Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC) was considered in this paper. Data were collected to determine the spatial extent and the level of involvement defined as whether backward or forward linkages. Using the Leontiff input-output analytical technique, the degree of linkages varied among the industry groups and particularly linked to locations outside the country for inputs but very localized in terms of foreward linkages to the local economy. However, industries in the estate had strong linkages with the industrial sector of the economy. In particular. there was low level of linkages with the agricultural sector.
Keywords: Industrial linkages, international standard industrial classification, Leontiff input-output model, Oluyole industrial estate, Ibadan, Nigeria


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