Ibadan Journal of the Social Sciences
Volume 16, No. 1, 2018
DOI: 10.36108/ijss/8102.61.0140

Psycho-demographic Factors Predicting Intention to Purchase Made-in-Nigeria Clothing among Students of Yaba College of Technology

Peter O. Olapegba1 and Ojo Monday2

1,Department of Psychology, University of Ibadan, Nigeria
2Deptartment of Business Administration, Yaba College of Technology, Nigeria


The dilemma associated with making a choice between local and foreign goods has given rise to the desire to x-ray the importance of purchase intention as a veritable component in consumer decision making process. This study, therefore examined psycho demographic factors (patriotism, self-esteem, attitude towards product quality, sex and age) as predictors of intention to purchase made-in-Nigeria clothing. A cross-sectional survey design with a multi stage sampling technique was used to obtain data from 810 students across the faculties in Yaba College of Technology. Data collected were analysed using descriptive statistics, zero-order correlation and regression analysis. Results obtained indicates that patriotism, sex, self-esteem and attitude towards product quality jointly predicted intention to purchase made-in-Nigeria clothing while patriotism and self-esteem independently predicted made-in-Nigeria clothing. It is recommended that Entrepreneurs and government agencies embark on public enlightenment and awareness campaign to improve the patriotic zeal of the citizenry.
Keywords: Purchase intention, product quality, patriotism, Made-in-Nigeria clothing, Yaba College of Technology


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