Ibadan Journal of the Social Sciences
Volume 5, No. 1, 2007
Pages 42-54

DOI: 10.36108/ijss/7002.50.0140

A Webometric Analysis of Nigerian Universities’ Websites

Williams FE. Nwagwu
Omoverere Agarin

Africa Regional Centre for Information Science, University of Ibadan


Using the AltaVista search engine, data was collected randomly front 1000 selected websites of 30 Nigerian universities to study the pattern and frequency of out-links and in-links. The websites have a total of 44,567 links, representing an average of 45 links per page. Of these, 81.2 per cent were in-links to other websites (from Nigerian university websites), while 18.8 per cent were out-links from other websites (into Nigerian university websites), The first-generation universities had a higher percentage of links by target web pages (52.6%) than the others, which returned below 50 per cent of the web pages as target pages. The web pages of Nigerian universities did not target the other Nigerian university web pages. Also, the websites seem to link more with non-academic websites than with academic websites. These results show that Nigerian universities do not interlink among themselves and that there exists a low-level of utilization of the web for knowledge dissemination and sharing aniong Nigerian universities and other universities.
Keywords: Nigerian universities, websites, webomctric, world wide web, link analysis.

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